Honey Garlic Shishito Peppers + Edamame

Hands down, the most delicious appetizer I have ever eaten was at Hudson House in LA (This is also the site of the most amazing spicy watermelon margarita) where I had shishito peppers (for the first time) and edamame, in a teriyaki-like honey garlic soy sauce that was to die for. Since then, I've been having wet dreams about this concoction. When I saw shishito peppers at the farmers' market last weekend, I knew I had to make this delish lil' appy. Being that I'm not particularly skilled at cooking things sans recipe, I wasn't sure how this would turn out, but lo and behold, it was pretty dope.

How to:

- Handful of frozen edamame
- Handful of fresh shishito peppers
- Olive oil
- Soy Sauce
- Honey
- 7 cloves of garlic (I'm obsessed with garlic, so feel free to use less)

1. Boil water in medium pot
2. Heat olive oil in medium frying pan
3. Once hot, add washed (and dried! you'd don't want the oil to start popping!) shishitos and turn heat to medium
4. Saute shishitos, stirring reguarly, for approx 10-15 minutes
5. While that's happening, once your water starts to boil, add handful of frozen edamame
6. Boil edamame for about 3-5 min. Once you see the shells start to open, you're more than done. Drain
7. Meantime, mince (chop finely) your garlic, put in a bowl
8. Add couple of squeezes of honey to your bowl, and several longer splashes of soy sauce
9. Mix all three ingredients and taste. Maybe you want it more sweet? (more honey) or more salty? (more soy)
10. Once your edamame are cooked and drained, and your shishitos have blistered and softened, combine both in a bowl and smother with honey garlic soy sauce. Mix well

Serve these in a bowl, and share.

Oh these darlings are so delicious. I just couldn't stop eating them all. Definitely adding this to the menu for the next dinner party.



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