DIY $1.99 Necklace Holder

I love my collection of dainty necklaces. I don't love that they're constantly tangled. After an extensive search for the ideal storage solution produced no results, I decided to create my own. In keeping with my preference for clean lines, and industrial accents, I made a very simple necklace holder with just a piece of 2x4, screws and acrylic paint. What made it even better, was that the whole project cost me less than two dollars!

2x4 - Free. Scraps section of Home Depot
Screws - $1.99
Acrylic paint - Free. Leftover from previous projects

This was a pretty easy one to create:

1. Paint 2x4. You can do any color combination that you like. I chose a light country grey color for the front and a dark navy color for the sides, for a dramatic effect. My walls are also light grey, so I didn't want the necklace holder to camouflage with the wall.

2. After paint is dry, use a ruler to mark off where your screws will go. You could also place them completely arbitrarily or just eyeball the placement, but I'm a bit anal, so I used my handy yard stick.

3. Using a power drill, screw in your screws.

That's it!

It's so perfect. Takes up minimal wall space, in my small Bay Area apartment, but serves its purpose very well.

Did you make a great, simple jewelry holder that you're obsessed with?



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