Art + Tacos + Brulee

I set out this morning to see if I could entertain myself for cheap. Thanks to, I found free admission to the de Young museum in SF. I hadn't been there in a while, and I wanted to get out of the house, so after picking up some kale at the farmers market, and lunch with my father, I drove to the city. The weather was perfect. I walked past Stow Lake where people were pedal boating, through Golden Gate Park, to the museum. After a few hours of free browsing, I had worked up an appetite. I was craving Mexican food.

One of my favorite taco places in SF is La Taqueria. I was introduced to it years ago by my dear friend Nataly, whose mom worked in the vicinity. It has been my go-to joint in the city ever since. Unfortunately for me, and fortunately for the business, it recently won the nation's Best Burrito Award, which has made the lines much longer. But, I was willing to wait. It is totally worth it. Try their Tacos Dorados!

The next thing that happened, made my trip to SF today all the more worth it. As I was walking to my car, I came across the storefront for The Creme Brulee cart, my absolute favorite dessert, and these guys do such an excellent job! Despite trying to eat healthy lately, I was sucked in. It was the perfect end to my fabulous day.


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